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Registration FAQ’S

How do I start playing Perfect 11?

Follow these simple steps to play:

1. Register / Log in on Perfect11.

2. Select Match from the fixtures or Upcoming Matches List

3. Click on the ‘Create Team’ button for the match you want to join

4. Create your team of 11 players within the virtual budget of 100 credits from all the players in the match, choose your Captain & Vice-captain. Save your team!

5. Join practice or cash contests of your choice. Cash contests let you win cash and require an entry fee, for which we provide multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net banking and PayTM wallet.

5 - Once the live match starts, your team starts earning points based on actual performances of the players selected by you. Final points, ranks and winners are declared after the end of the match

How do I select my team?

After logging into your Perfect11 account, click on the match you want to play. Create your team of 11 players (including a Captain & Vice-captain) within the virtual budget of 100 credits from all the players in the match. Save your team!

How do i register on Perfect 11?

The users can sign up on Perfect 11 by filling a short registration form available on the homepage of Perfect 11 website. However, the users can also signup directly by using their Facebook or Google+ account.

Note: The User age must 18+ years and above. Minors are not allowed to register & play.

can I have more than one account?

No! According to the fair play policy, Any user will have only one account. even if the user has multiple mobiles or email address, the user will have only one account. 

If in case, the security team found any user having multiple accounts with perfect11, all its account will be terminated. 

even all the available fund including win money will be blocked permanently. 

Scores & Points FAQ’S

How can i score points ?

Becoming  Active Participant can  maximise your winnings!  Create teams  & join CASH Contests. Check  our ‘Points System’ for scoring more points.

What happens when there is a tie between users? How will you distribute the prize?

In an event wherein there's a tie between two or more users the prize money is distributed between the users equally.

Contests, Offers FAQ’S

When does the Games of Skill Game start?

The games of skill starts as soon as the deadline for the round ends. The deadline (denoted by the countdown ticker) is usually 1 ball before the start of the first match in the round.

Changes on contest before starting:

Contests are created based number spots, distributable win money and the number of winners.

A number of winners, Win money and number spots are defined before the match started.

Users are allowed to create the team(s) to join any contest based on its contest joining fee.

the number of spots, win the prize money and distributions are subject to the matter of admin's right. 

admin has the right to change a number of spots, win money and distribution depending on the user's interest of enjoyment.

Cash Prizes FAQ’S

Rank & Win Prize Distribution:

After Completion of the particular match, System reviews all participant's team score and its rank. And Winners are declared based on its rank.

If there is one participant in one rank then the total prize money of the particular rank will be credited to the particular participant as the winner.

If there is multiple participants in any one rank based on their points, the prize money of the particular ranks will be distributed among all the participant.

For Example:

One contest has prize distribution as follow:

Rank - 1 =  Rs 200000

Rank -2 = Rs 100000

Rank -3 = Rs 50000

Rank - 4 = Rs 40000

Rank - 5 = Rs 10000

 Now one participant got rank 1, and 4 participants got rank 2

So Rank 1 will get Rs 200000 as mentioned 

4 participants will get (100000+50000+40000+10000)/4=Rs 50000 each.

Special Prize Distribution (Car / Byke / Laptop / mobile) for multiple winners in same rank:

In case There are multiple winners is the same rank, the total price value of particular mentioned items will be calculated in money value and distributed between winners as in money.

Note: Taxes will be deducted from the win money as per the government rules 

Contest Size / Win Prize change /edit:

Perfect11 reserve the right to edit as increase/decrease/change the contest size /Win prize any point of time before starting the particular match in case of non-fulfill/fulfill of participants

Account Balance FAQ’S

Verification FAQ’S

Why my account is blocked?

Generally, perfect11 don't want to block any user's account. But if in case, our security team found the following activities, the user account will be blocked.

1. User having multiple accounts

2. Any functional or suspicious activity in the user's account.

3. Negative in KYC verification. 

4. If the user under 18 years.

and all the winning amount will be revoked. If the user has any deposited amount in the wallet (deposited via payment gateway) will be refunded.

Withdrawals FAQ’S

How can I withdraw my win money?

Perfect11.in is a trusted platform for all fantasy lovers. 

To withdraw the win money following things to be performed:

1> Users need to complete their profile information with the following details:

a. Full Name --- As per bank Account

b. Valid Email Id And Phone number

c. Date of birth (as per ID proof)

d. complete mailing address with City, State & Zipcode.

e. Profile image.

f. Upload Id proves and addresses Prove for account verification. 

g. Update bank details( Bank account number, name, IFS code Bank Name)

Note: Bank Account holder name and perfect11 account holder name should be same)

if you have any problem regarding account verification please send us a mail at genie@rbgenie.com 

with your above-mentioned account/profile information and scan copy of Id and address proof.

Reasonable withdraw request will be processed & completed within 2 to 3 working days After verification.

Final fund withdrawals will be accepted and processed after verification of the account transaction details. If there is any false/wrong transaction found will be treated as a technical error. and the errored transactions will be reversed to the source.

What is my withdraw limit :

Any users can withdraw its win amount between INR 1000 to INR 200000 per day. 

Users are allowed to withdraw their win money only. 

Payments FAQ’S

Legality FAQ’S

FairPlay Violation FAQ’S

Help Desk & Support FAQ’S

When I can connect Customer support

You can connect customer support at any time.  Our customer care officers are available Monday to Friday from 10.30 am to  7.30 pm.

You can connect to customer support  at genie@rbgenie.com

Perfect Patner FAQ’S

What is perfect partner ?

Perfect Partner program is highly potential business opportunity to all Perfect11 user start its own business without any investment. Active and potential users who are desire to establish new business and have good amount social connectivity are eligible to become our perfect partner

How to Apply for perfect Partner?

Very Simple! If you are a registered user of perfect11 and verified your KYC and Bank, Just click on perfect partner application form. Here and apply for perfect partner programm.

What is income opportunity?

Any active perfect partner have opportunity to earn unlimited income for life time. For example: Active user under perfect partner: 1000 On an average each make transaction of Rs 1000 in a month = total investment is Rs 10,00,000 Income of the perfect partner in the same month (@5%) is = Rs 50,000.00 Its not one time income: perfect partner will earn commission on each transaction of its active users. So you can imagine the money you are going to earn.

How can I start earning?

Its very simple! Just you need to invite new users and help them to join perfect11 to get unlimited entertainment and earning. Every invited users will get Rs 100 instant cash bonus.. After each transaction perfect partner will earn a commision.

Can I invite user's all over?

Yes! You can invite any user who is not registered yet. Perfect partner income will be calculated if the user is new and registered via your reference only. If the user is already registered previously will not applicable in your income.

Who are eligible for Perfect Partner programm?

Every Active perfect11 user can be a perfect partner. Following details are to be verified : KYC Mobile Number Email

Is there any fee to become perfect partner?

No ! Perfect partner program is free to all.

How can I use & withdraw my perfect partner earning?

You can use you perfect partner earning to join contest in perfect 11 application. And you can purchase any item in winskart.com

Register FAQ’S

Perfect 11 Pro App FAQ’S

How to Join Paid Contest?

We have two Application. One is Perfect11 lite version for free contests. and another one is Perfect11 Pro for paid contests.

You need to install the perfect11 pro app to join the paid contest. Please download the perfect 11 Pro version https://www.perfect11.in/app/perfect11pro.apk to join the paid contest.

How to Install Perfect 11 Pro version app?

To join Perfect 11 Paid contest you need to install the perfect 11 Pro app.

Download the perfect 11 Pro APK  from this link https://www.perfect11.in/app/perfect11pro.apk

and install in your mobile.

Why not My Perfect 11 Pro App not installed?

Sometimes Its happen, perfect11 Pro version is not installed properly due to the following reasons:

1. In mobile security: App installation is disabled via "unknown source"  ===> It needs to "allow from unknown sources"

2. Availability of multiple APK files: Please go the mobile browser >> Download>> Delete all available old APK  

3. Uninstall OLD perfect 11 Pro app and download new APK from https://www.perfect11.in/app/perfect11pro.apk

and install it in your mobile.

If you are facing problem then please connect our support team for more help.